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Feb. 21, 2014
Grant Paves Way for New Trailhead at Battleship Park

Sept. 24, 2013
Baldwin County
gets $308,324
grant to finish
Eastern Shore Trail





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Trail Updates - January 2014

Causeway US 90 - Cyclists report glass and debris on the Causeway shoulders. Trailblazers have reported the problem to Alabama Department of Transportation and have been assured that ALDOT will sweep the Causeway on a more regular basis.

Gator Alley North entrance from Causeway - Severe drainage issues have resulted in reconstruction at the north end of Gator Alley.  Access to get under
I-10 is NOT available from the north end.  ALDOT has made extensive repairs twice now, and the city of Daphne is currently rebuilding the Trail at that location.  Trail access from the north should be complete by the second week of February.

Battles Wharf Market Scenic Highway 98 - Patrons of the Battles Wharf Market often park directly on the Trail across the street from the market.  At Trailblazer request, the Baldwin County Highway Department has installed wooden posts along the Trail at that location to discourage vehicles from parking on the Trail.  Volunteers will soon clean the dirt from the Trail resulting from post digging.

Bailey’s Creek Scenic Highway 98 - Trailblazers recently pruned 82 crepe myrtles planted along the Trail that had grown too far into the path.  On February 8th, volunteers will place pine straw and fertilizer on all crepe myrtles.

Beyond Highway 1 on Scenic Highway 98 - Efforts are underway to prohibit the mailman from driving on the trail to deliver mail. Mayor Kant of Fairhope has promised to communicate with the U.S. Postal Service to require homeowners to relocate their mailboxes to the street side of the Trail.

Vehicles parking on Scenic Highway 98 beyond the Grand Hotel - The Fairhope Police Department is helping get lawn maintenance vehicles, construction vehicles, and utility company vehicles off the trail.  Any trail user can call the Fairhope Police Department at 251-928-2385 when a vehicle is parked on the trail.

New Trail Signage - new more visible trail signage has recently been installed in the city of Daphne, and will be installed on the entire Trail within the next few months. 

February 8th Trail Maintenance Day

Beautiful Day + Great Volunteers
Reinforce EST’s Appeal and Sustainability

On February 8, 2014, the Baldwin County Trailblazers held a Trail Maintenance Day for the Eastern Shore Trail on Scenic Highway 98.  Over 15 volunteers from the Trailblazers and the Slow Bicycle Society on the Eastern Shore participated.  We worked on a mile of the Trail near Bailey’s Creek where 82 crepe myrtles had overgrown into the Trail. All were well pruned, bedded down with pine straw, and will be fertilized in the spring.

Volunteers also worked on a Trail section across from Battles Wharf Market on Scenic 98. The Baldwin County Highway Department has installed wooden posts next to the asphalt trail to prevent vehicles from parking directly on the Trail. Volunteers scraped accumulated mud and debris from the Trail where the soft shoulder had been damaged by vehicles.

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